Adjunct Promotions

Promotion in rank is not automatic but based upon merit. The college will notify adjuncts of their time in rank eligibility for promotion.

An adjunct member may then request to be considered for promotion by submitting a two-page application (A1 Form), the first page of which consists of background information and academic credentials, and the second page of which consists of the adjunct's statement in support of their promotion in rank. Forms are available on the promotion page of FA website.

To be eligible for promotion to the following ranks, these guidelines apply:

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

10 semesters and 39 contact hours as an Adjunct Instructor

  • Adjunct Associate Professor

14 semesters or 54 contact hours as an Adjunct Assistant Professor

  • Adjunct Professor

18 semesters or 69 contact hours as Adjunct Associate Professor

  • Adjunct Professional Assistant 2

14 semesters as Adjunct PA 1

In addition, there are educational requirements for promotion for those hired prior to August 29, 2006, and for those hired on or after August 29, 2006. Educational requirements for promotion are found in Appendix I of the contract, but please note that the requirements were updated in the last round of negotiations (see the 2005-2011 Memo of Agreement).

Adjuncts with "special" credentials or professional experiences may also apply for a waiver of the educational requirements in order to be eligible for promotion to Adjunct Assistant Professor only. For more information, check the "Adjunct Educational Criteria Waiver Form."