Adjunct Assignments

Workload/Assignments: Each adjunct may work a maximum of 24 contact hours (9 contact hours/semester) during the academic year (fall, spring, summer/intersession). Assignments are based on seniority. However, the College may limit the assignment of an adjunct hired after 9/15/84 to one assignment or 3 contact hours, whichever is greater, for the first 3 semesters after the adjunct is initially hired.

Adjunct Reappointment/Notice of Reasonable Assurance (NORA):

The notice of reasonable assurance (NORA) is submitted online by adjuncts to request assignments and indicate their availability for work in the upcoming semesters. Seniority list are created each semester in the office of Adjunct Services based on the computer submission. If an adjunct does not submit his/her NORA by the deadline posted by the college, his/her name will not appear on the seniority list.

Any adjunct failing to submit a timely NORA will not receive an assignment until every other adjunct on the list has been assigned the contractual maximum number of contact hours he/she has requested.


Seniority is based first upon the number of semesters taught/worked at SCCC and then upon the number of credit/contact hours worked.