Intellectual Property


Per Appendix J Section VI of our contract, as well as the 2005-2011 memo of agreement, the following rules apply to distance education courses with regards to intellectual property.

  • Faculty (individually or as a team) who convert or develop alternative delivery instructional materials for a course, part of a course or other instructional materials into an alternative instructional delivery mode retain ownership of such materials and exclusive use thereof (except as provided herein), provided, however, that neither the college nor college students shall have to pay a licensing fee for the use of such materials in connection with a course taught at the college.
  • If the college initiates or provides unusual or extraordinary support not accessible to all faculty, then the college will enter into an ownership agreement with the faculty member using guidelines developed by the Joint Labor/Management Committee. Such guidelines may include such principles and policy positions as developed by the SUNY/CUNY/California State University Consortium for Educational Technology in University Systems.