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April 2019


Unions rock! Celebrate with us at the May Day Music Festival
Cynthia Eaton


  FA MayDay ad: unions rock Suffolk County!
The FA is an event sponsor for AME's MayDay Music Festival happening on Saturday, May 11, starting at noon. The festival aims to raise awareness of issues facing working people and to promote solidarity among labor unions—and all people who work to provide for their families. (top right graphic by Cynthia Eaton)

We are about 250,000 strong, we union members on Long Island, and we believe that's something to celebrate.

That's why Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees is organizing the May Day Music Festival on Saturday, May 11, from 12 noon to 10 pm at Southaven County Park and that's why the FA will be there.

We hope you, your family and your friends will join us! As an event sponsor, the FA is purchasing discounted tickets ($10 off per ticket), and children under 12 can come for FREE to enjoy kid-friendly music, face painting, activities and crafts, wilderness tours and a nature scavenger hunt.

The festival includes a musical lineup featuring The Gin Blossoms, Steve Earle and the Dukes, Brian Fallon, Jesse Malin, Cassandra House and other bands, a good number of which include local NYSUT and other union members. Check out the list at the bottom of this article!

In addition to satisfying your musical tastes, award-winning beer and wine as well as food trucks will be there to satiate your hunger and thirst too. Check out the MayDay website, especially their FAQ page, to learn more.

This May Day event celebrates the good that unions bring into the lives of hardworking Americans, such as

  • increasing our quality of life
  • supporting our professional growth
  • giving us a voice with our elected representatives to improve our workplaces and professions
  • connecting us to a community of like-minded people dedicated to making the world a better place through community outreach and social justice initiatives.

We hope you'll join us in celebrating all of the unionists in our region who are our friends, family members, neighbors and fellow Long Island residents. We keep Suffolk working and learning and growing. Let's make some joyful noise on May 11 to show our solidarity.

Contact Anita in the FA office ( or 631-451-4151) for more information about the festival, to purchase tickets or to volunteer for an hour at the FA tent in exchange for free ticket.

Local/Regional Acts:

  • Miles to Dayton -
    • Jonathan Preddice, principal songwriter and lead male vocalist and guitarist, is a proud NYSUT member
    • Alisa Rabbitt, violinist and harmony vocals, is a proud NYSUT member
    • Leanne Strom, violinist and harmony vocals, is a proud NYSUT member
  • Easy Chief -
    • Tom Falco, guitar and vocals, is a proud NYSUT member; his wife, Jennifer Falco is also a NYSUT member
  • Martini Garden -
    • Rich Cunningham is a former NYSUT member (now a principal) and the son of two retired NYSUT members
    • Michael McBride, percussion, and his wife are both proud NYSUT members; he is currently a building representative for Middle Country Teachers Association
  • Soundswell -
    • Brady Wilkins, percussion and vocals, is a proud NYSUT member
  • Funkin’ A -
    • Justin Marks, saxophone, is a proud NYSUT member
    • John Kelly, saxophone, is the son of two proud NYSUT members