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April 2019


It's time
Kevin Peterman


  Kevin and Ellen
Kevin Peterman (then FA secretary) with Ellen Schuler Mauk (then president) at the opening of the Sagtikos Building, Grant Campus, 1989. (photo by Mary Lou DeFilippo)

As some of you might have heard, after 42 years at SCCC I’ve made the difficult decision to not run for reelection as FA president. Next month I’ll be celebrating my 69th birthday and, quite frankly, it is time to pursue my travel and photography interests.

My involvement with the FA for most of my time here at SCCC has been extremely rewarding. When I first got involved in the mid-eighties, I never thought it would take me on the path that it has. Over the years faculty would ask me, “Should I retire?” I would always reply, “I can’t tell you. At some point you will know when it’s time.”

So, with mixed emotions, I know for me, it is time.

My years at the college and union involvement has truly made me a better person. Internally, working with students, faculty and administrators has been most rewarding.  Externally, working with elected officials on all levels of government, sisters and brothers in the labor movement and my colleagues in education has enabled me to share and advocate for union values. If you need a reminder, just look at the FA wall calendar where those values are listed.

I want to thank the FA officers, the Executive Council, fellow NYSUT board members and my community college colleagues on both the state and national level. While there have been many changes over the years, there were several constants–our commitment to education, social justice and the labor movement. I would be remiss if I did not single out my mentor, the FA’s past president, Ellen Schuler Mauk, for her friendship and guidance over my years as a union leader.

The past six years as FA president has been very rewarding and with your help, we were able to move forward and prove that we can accomplish many great things because activism works!

But I will be around and, in accordance with the FA Constitution and Bylaws, I will be a member of the EC as past president. I do plan to stay involved by joining the NYSUT Retiree Community College Council and staying involved in the political process.

Yes, it is time. I want to travel and spend more time with my partner Joyce and get back to my hobby of photography.

In solidarity,

Kevin Peterman
SCCC Class of 1971