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September 2018


Professors on Wheels thanks you
Ray DiSanza and Christina Bosco



Be a giver for a more meaningful life

Research by Stanford social psychologist Jennifer Aaker shows that being a taker is associated with happiness, but being a giver is associated with meaningfulness.
People who have meaningful lives feel connected to a larger sense of purpose and value and make positive contributions to society.
“Wheels,” says Christina Bosco, “is about reaching out to the community to share our knowledge and passion. It’s a chance to pursue our interests and showcase our talents—and to share them with people of all ages throughout Suffolk County.”
In other words: it’s a great way to help lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

Professors on Wheels keeps rolling along. For more than ten years, the program has been connecting faculty and staff volunteers with senior centers and rehabilitation centers throughout Suffolk County to deliver intellectually stimulating programming.

Over the years we’ve expanded from a handful of senior centers and rehabilitation facilities to more than 30 rehabilitation centers, senior facilities and retirement homes; a handful of libraries; and the Bellport Boys and Girls club.

And it’s all thanks to you.

None of what Professors on Wheels has been able to accomplish would be possible without you, the volunteers and participants freely sharing your time, expertise and experiences.

So please accept this very public thank you on behalf of the program, its coordinators and, most importantly, the venues that we serve.

If you’re not currently participating in the program but want to get involved, please contact Christina Bosco at or Ray DiSanza at

You can present in your discipline, or in an area of interest, but whatever you choose to present on, we are sure that you will find your participation in the program both personally and professionally rewarding. You can also find more information about the Professors on Wheels program on the FA website.