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September 2018


Welcome, new members!
Matthew Pappas


  Welcome to the FA

During the 2018 calendar year, the following faculty were hired at the college. As part of the FA’s new member mentor program, each new hire will be paired with a faculty mentor who will provide support and guidance during their first year.

If you see these faculty, join the FA leadership in welcoming them to the college. We look forward to working with our newest colleagues.


  • Jillian Carlos, Advising & Testing
  • Kristen Cinar, Library
  • Carl Coulanges, Communication
  • Meghan DeMayo-Dalen, Counseling
  • Wesley Francillon, Engineering
  • Evan Haun, Counseling
  • Bin Li, Computer Science
  • Kimberly (Jeffrey) Lapouble, Student Support Services
  • Kathleen McCoy, Honors
  • Teresa Noto, Automotive Tech
  • Mark Tse, Music
  • Assanah Uddin Jahan, Cybersecurity
  • William Whitnum, Communication/RTV


  • Edward Champ, Enterprise Applications
  • Joshua Palmeri, Web Services
  • Louise Rotchford, Corporate Training
  • Debra Sullivan, Spec. Programs


  • Gerome Bell, Counseling
  • Fabio Montella, Library
  • Mary Sierra, Career Services


  • Kathleen Andresen, Counseling
  • Vanessa Aquino, Counseling
  • Regina Dlugokencky, Library

Inquiries about the new member mentor program can be directed to any of the 2018-19 coordinators:

  • Collegewide Coordinator and Ammerman: Matt Pappas
  • Eastern: Nina Acquavita
  • Grant: Jill Malik