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September 2015


Dues deductions for academic year 2015-16
Joyce Gabriele


Dues for full-time members of Unit III are $593.36 plus ½% of the annual contract salary for 2015-16.

Deductions for adjunct classroom and non-classroom faculty are the $37.08 plus ½% of contract salary received, for earnings less than $3,999 per semester. For earnings between $4,000 and $7,999 per semester, dues will be $74.17 plus ½% of contract salary received. Earnings over $8,000 will be $148.34 plus ½% of contract salary received.

Those working under continuing and term appointments will have 19 deductions starting with the September 17, 2015, payday. Adjuncts will have four (4) deductions beginning with checks distributed on October 15, 2015.

Those having 19 deductions can ?nd the amounts to be withheld by entering the table in Column A at their 2015-16 steps. Find your annual dues/agency fee in Column B and your biweekly deduction in Column C. For special cases or questions, please contact Anita Greifenstein or me ( at the FA office: 451-4151.

  • Column A: 2015-16 Contract Salary ($)
  • Column B: 2015-16 Dues/Agency Fee ($593.36 plus ½% of annual salary)
  • Column C: Deduction ($) on each of 19 checks


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