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May 2015


Election results: Spring 2015
Marie Hanna


your vote, your voice

Spring brings us flowers and the excitement of summer vacation! Spring also brought us the re-election of many of our FA officers, Executive Council representatives, NYSUT and AFT delegates as well as a new at-large officer, a new delegate and some new Executive Council representatives.

Dante Morelli has been an EC representative since 2012. He will now be our new grievance officer. We are saying good bye to Pete DiGregorio as grievance officer but hello to him as our new NYSUT and AFT delegate.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle Fowler and Leslie Derenfeld for serving as EC reps over the past few years.

I would also like to thank the following FA members who volunteered to count the ballots:

    • Doug Cody, Chair
    • Marshal Stein, Co-Chair
    • Audrey DeLong
    • Laura Galletta
    • Marcial Gallimore
    • Deborah Kiesel
    • Andrew Stone
    • Rebecca Turner Wallace

Here are some basic facts about the election results:

    • Ballots mailed: 1,747
    • Ballots received: 304
    • There were 463 sent to F/T members and 1,284 sent to adjunct members.
    • Valid ballots received were 289; 15 were invalid.
    • Approximately 25% of full-time members and 10% of adjunct members voted.
    • 239 members approved the proposed amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws. 15 members did not approve these changes.

Below are this spring's election results. Please join me in extending congratulations!




Officers & Delegates
  • President
Kevin Peterman Kevin Peterman
  • Executive Vice President
Sean Tvelia Sean Tvelia
  • Secretary
Marie Hanna Marie Hanna
  • Treasurer
Joyce Gabriele Joyce Gabriele
  • Grievance Officer
Peter DiGregorio Dante Morelli
  • Adjunct Coordinator
Cynthia Eaton Cynthia Eaton
  • NYSUT/AFT Delegate
Kevin McCoy Kevin McCoy
  • NYSUT/AFT Delegate
Matt Pappas Matt Pappas
  • NYSUT/AFT Delegate
Ellen Schuler Mauk Peter DiGregorio
  • Math
Jane-Marie Wright Jane-Marie Wright
  • Communications, Languages, Reading, TV/ Radio/Film
Dante Morelli Melanie Weinstein-Zeolla
  • Library, Central
Michelle Fowler Krista Gruber
  • Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice
Denise Haggerty Denise Haggerty
  • Counseling, Co-op Ed
Matt Zisel Matt Zisel
  • Science, Math, Social Science, Business, Nursing, Culinary, PE
Nic Pestieau Nic Pestieau
  • Natural Sciences, Math
Deb Wolfson Deb Wolfson
  • Business, HVAC, CIS, Technology, ETU Coordinator
Ali Laderian Ali Laderian
  • Social Sciences
Andrea Macari Andrea Macari
Professional Assistants    
  • Programmatic
Maureen Arma Maureen Arma
  • Instructional Labs
Deb Kiesel Deb Kiesel
  • Counseling, Education, Freshman & College Seminar
Leslie Derenfeld vacant
  • Science, Engineering, Automotive
Doug Cody Doug Cody
  • English
Angela Ridinger-Dotterman Katelynn DeLuca
  • Culinary, Fire Protection Technology, Library, Electrical Tech, Drafting, Interior Design
Priscilla Pratt Priscilla Pratt
  • Humanities, Arts, Music, Philosophy
Michelle LaPorte Michelle LaPorte
  • Math
Russell David Russell David
  • Guild/Retiree, PA/Specialist - Programmatic
Chris Gherardi Chris Gherardi