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February 2018


Full-time faculty demographics
Sean Tvelia


The FA periodically publishes demographic data about our membership, such as in the FYI page of our November 2017 issue.

The more detailed breakdown below is based on fall 2017 data and illustrates how full-time faculty are distributed among our three campuses.

General Overview

Total full-time faculty

Faculty by major category

  Teaching 301   Classroom faculty 301
  Non-teaching 177   Library services 15
  total 478   Coordinators 5
        Counselors 42
    Professional assistants 68
    Specialists 47

Ratio of day-time sections to full-time faculty*

  Ammerman 7.4      
  Grant 7.6      
  Eastern 6.4      
* Higher values reflect a greater number of courses taught as overload or by adjunct faculty.

Rank Distribution: Professional Assistants and Specialists

Total professional assistants at college

Professional assistants
by function

* Classroom services includes laboratory PAs and specialists; College Services includes PAs in ETU, computer Ccenter, and networking; Student Services includes PAs in admissions and financial aid.
    PA 4  
    PA1 31  
    PA2 33  
    total 68  

Professional assistants by campus

  count percent
    Ammerman 27 40%
    Grant 18 26%
    Central 17 25%
    Eastern 6 9%

Total specialists at college

    SP1 32  
    SP2 15  


    total 47        

Specialists by campus

  count percent      
    Ammerman 11 23%      
    Grant 10 21%      
    Central 23 49%      
    Eastern 3 6%      

Rank Distribution: Classroom Faculty

Teaching faculty by campus

Teaching faculty by rank

    Ammerman 161         Instructor 22
    Grant 90         Assistant professor 69
    Eastern 50         Associate professor 100
              Professor 110

Rank Distribution: Student Services, Librarians, and Coordinators

Since writing and math center coordinators have teaching responsibilities as part of their regular duties, those faculty are included in the classroom faculty data.
Student services by campus
    Ammerman 18  
    Grant 15  
    Eastern 7  
    Central 1  
Counseling by campus
    Ammerman 8  
    Grant 9  
    Eastern 3