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November 2016


FA is largest group in attendance at NYSUT Community College Conference
Cynthia Eaton


The FA was the largest group in attendance at this year's NYSUT Community College Conference in Saratoga Springs, October 28-30. (photo by Paul Clement of FIT)

Nineteen FA members made the 400+ mile round trip to the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs from October 28-30 for the 38th annual NYSUT Community College Conference.

Members attended workshops on labor history (read first-time attendee Michael Iasilli's reflections) communications, collective bargaining, national issues, member engagement, legal issues, community college finances, adjunct issues and, of course, political action.

As shown below our attendees represent a range of positions at the college, as the FA is committed to encouraging activism from members across the three campuses and from a variety of perspectives.

To learn more about and become more active in the FA, contact Anita in the FA office by email ( or phone (631-451-4151) or contact any one of your elected FA officers or Executive Council representatives.

member name discipline or area campus
Maureen Arma Corporate Training Grant
Lisa Behnke Academic Advising Ammerman
Courtney Brewer Psychology Ammerman
Patricia Carson Sociology collegewide adjunct
Ina Casalli English collegewide adjunct
Doug Cody Chemistry collegewide adjunct
Joan Cook Library collegewide adjunct
Danielle DiMauro History collegewide adjunct
Cynthia Eaton English Eastern
Michael Iasilli Writing Center collegewide adjunct
Tim McHeffey Business Eastern
Dante Morelli Communication Ammerman
Kim Ng Southard English Ammerman
Victoria Pendzick Media Services Grant
Kevin Peterman Library Services Grant
Priscilla Pratt Library Services collegewide adjunct
Bruce Seger Library Grant
Sean Tvelia Physical Sciences Ammerman
Joan Wozniak Media Services Grant