DE Faculty Compensation


Per Appendix J Section VII.C. of our contract, as well as the 2005-2011 memo of agreement, the following rules apply to distance education courses with regards to compensation for developing a DE course.

  • The first time a faculty member is selected to teach a synchronous or asynchronous DE course, he or she will receive three (3) credit hours of either release time or overload compensation the semester prior to the DE assignment for the purposes of training and/or course modification. Such training may also include proficiency training for the DE format of the course.

    You should indicate your preference for either overload or release time on the course development form or course assignment form.

  • Under contract article V.D.5, up to $10,000 per year of the total amount allotted to Faculty Development and Retraining Leaves is set aside for faculty members to take courses pursuant to each applicant's plan to teach or develop DE courses. Tuition for courses taken for this approved purpose will be reimbursed at the 100% level.