Faculty Association Class Size

The Faculty Association contract Article IV.E and Appendix H governs the process by which class size maximums may be altered. When these provisions were negotiated, the College agreed to continue the class size maximums in effect prior to 9/l/89. In addition, the College agreed that those maximums would continue until new class size maximums were established through the procedure outlined in Appendix H.

Prior to 9/l/89 it was agreed that "where required by student enrollment and in order to avoid, where possible, establishing additional class sections, such maximums may be increased without such prior consultation [with the FA] by 3 additional students per class, provided, however, that the average class size of all sections of any catalogued course shall not exceed the aforesaid class maximums (1975-76 class size maximums plus 3)."

The 2015-2019 collective bargaining agreement allowed the college to add up to two additional students in each class section over the class size maximums as published in the August 2012 class size document.Under this agreement class sizes are considered hard limits, which may not be exceeded in any section offered by the college. This database shows the maximum enrollment in all classes based on the latest class size aggreement.

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